Going Green

Going Green

Printing Inks

The Printer’s Printer uses vegetable and soy based inks w/ lower levels of VOC’s than traditional oil / petroleum based inks to reduce harmful carbon emissions. This helps to protect the environment and our valued employees.  We are fully aware of our social responsibility.

Printing Paper

The Printer’s Printer offers a full range of recycled paper options that contain up to 55% post-consumer recycled content. On a regular basis our “house sheet’ paper is 10% recycled and comes from sources that practice sustainable forestry.

Waste Products

100% of the paper “waste” at The Printer’s Printer is under contract w/ Waste Management to responsibly remove and recycle all paper waste materials. This ensures the environmental safety and above par standards for recycling.


You can feel confident and trust your jobs in our care:

“The Printer’s Printer” guarantee confidentiality and will protect your account always. We will not solicit your account(s) or share any information… GUARANTEED.”

Lou Yovino