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Send Us Your Electronic Files For Printing

Sending large files (15MB or higher) to our “graphics” email address is super-simple using this free service from WeTransfer. Even the most tech-unsavvy people can do it without issue.

• Go to:

• Select the file(s) you want to send by clicking on the “+”, please do not place your files in a folder

• Fill in the receiver’s email address ( and your own email address

• Write a message to us and include your contact information and any printing instructions

• Hit the Transfer Button and the files are uploaded to the server

Once the file(s) have reached us, you will receive an email that confirms we have in fact received the file(s). When we download the file(s), you will get another email that will let you know that we successfully downloaded the files from WeTransfer.

— There are NO registration fees

— There is NO charge for uploading files

— You can upload up to 2GB of files per transfer

— It doesn’t matter if it is one file or 100

We also accept other transfer services such as DropBox, Google Drive, Amazon Drive, Microsoft One Drive. For FTP upload site information, or if you have small files (15MB or smaller) which can be sent via email, please contact your Sales Representative, and he or she will provide you with the appropriate FTP/email address where to send us your files. If you still have questions about how to send us files please call 954-917-2773 or email us.


You can feel confident and trust your jobs in our care:

“The Printer’s Printer” guarantee confidentiality and will protect your account always. We will not solicit your account(s) or share any information… GUARANTEED.”

Lou Yovino