Then & Now

“Then” photos of The Printer’s Printer

Lou Yovino in 1988
Lou Yovino in 1988 running a single color 29 inch Miehle.
This photo was the very first 4 color job ran on that press (one color at a time).
38 Inch Miehle. Lou Yovino (top), Eddie Pinkosky (bottom left), Mike Yovino (bottom right) pose for a pic in 1989 with our new (new for us) 1965 2-color 38 inch Miehle.
The Printer’s Printer Car Garage. The Printer’s Printer (originally Yovino Printing) started in 1987 by Lou Yovino in this one car garage.

“Now” photos of The Printer’s Printer

The Printer’s Printer building now. Today’s 27,000 square foot facility.
The Team Now at today’s pressroom, featuring three (3) 40-inch Heidelberg Speedmaster Perfectors (8/0 or 4/4 one pass).

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- Lou Yovino | President

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